Black Swan

Posted on Dec 1, 2016

Black Swan is a pop-up restaurant that merges casual fine dining with street food culture. Our food is Creole, Thai, Caribbean-inspired, contemporary Soul food that honors tradition and creativity.

Chef Nikki Wright is a native New Orleanian who comes from a family rooted in Southern and African-American culinary traditions passed down from generation to generation. With a decade of experience working in kitchens throughout New Orleans- from casual fine dining, to gastropubs- Chef Nikki seamlessly weaves her love for Thai and Caribbean cuisines with her own heritage, creating unique flavor profiles that celebrate ingredients such as okra, avocados, coconut milk and pecans.

General Manager Shana Turner brings over fifteen years of community activism, and organizational development to building the infrastructure of Black Swan, with values that honor the community and cultural legacy that Black Swan belongs to.

Black Swan produces “Defiant Street Food”; defying myths by proving that New Orleanians do eat vegetables, street food can be produced and served with high quality, businesses can become successful while operating with integrity and respect to the labor and humanity of its employees and partners. Black Swan Food Experience defies the limited opportunities and resources afforded Black women to lead in the food industry here our great city of New Orleans.